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Question More Boot Camp?

Okay, back before RC came out I had this grand plan to make a beginner's multiplayer strategy page done in the spirit of a patriotic and often grumpy Republic drill sargeant. After the sad excuse for a patch and general lack of support for the game from LucasArts I kind of got discouraged and moved on to other things. But lately I've felt a little bad, like I left it incomplete.

So I was wondering, for those of you who've seen it (and for those of you who haven't, visit and click on the "boot camp" sidebar pages), do you want me to "finish up" the pages? Do you have any input for me? Obviously I'm not planning to change the layout, only add content if I have such content to add. I could use some articles to flesh things out (especially from any of the hardcore players who know me from the early days and/or continued to play in the months since I left the game), fill in details, fix typos. Basically I don't want to leave it looking "unfinished." It doesn't have to be the Encyclopedia of Everything, just not like it looks like it was abandoned.

So please leave your comments and send me anything you'd like posted on there that fits in the spirit and would be useful for players. Thanks!

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