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Modeling/skinning newbie needing help

Ok I decided I wanted a decent female jedi in prequal robes. I downloaded milkshape and used that to take the parts I needed from one of the new prequal jedi skins and then saved them as separate parts. Then I opened the femalejedi model I have and deleted the parts I don't want. Then I imported the parts of the New Prequal Jedi model that I wanted and saved it as one thing. It looked fine in milkshape. Then I exported it as a .glm. Then I put the .glm and the necessary skin graphics into a new folder and made it into a pk3 with PakScape and altered the necessary parts of the .glm file in notepad. However when I tried using the new model/skin in the game it comes up as Kyle Katarn. Any idea what I've done wrong.
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