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Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
This is something I have been a bit unsure about for a while. I know that during the clone wars, the Republic was recieving shipments of clones from Kamino, but afterwards did the Empire keep cloning more troops? Or did they just use the troops they had left? I know that they stopped using clone officers and starting recruiting, but did they do the same with the stormtroopers?

According to a George Lucas interview (a REAL one) from 2005, the Empire did indeed continue cloning troops. But, they branched out from just Jango clones (although Jango clones were still being used in the time of ANH for example*) to using multiple templates. Eventually, according to Lucas, the Empire also started mixing in non-clone conscripts into the Stormtrooper ranks. So there's your answer.

Accoring to the C-Level canon ROTS Visual Dictionary released right before the movie came out, they had already started expanding into using multiple templates and more planets for clones than just Kamino about the time of Episode III. Of course we only saw two clone "faces" in Episode III, that of Temuerra Morrison and his "younger look alike" played by a different actor (Bodie Taylor, iirc).

*I base the "they still had Jango clones" thing on Lucas's statement on the Episode II DVD commentary, during the scene of Jango bumping his head on the door of the Slave I. He says he wanted the audience to draw a direct connection between the head bumping in that movie and the head bumping gaffe (which he added a sound effect to, effectively canonizing a goof) in ANH, showing us that Jango's clones retained a bit of his clumsiness (rather than the old joke explanation that they really couldn't see very well in those helmets, which also was used by fans to explain some of their poor accuracy).

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