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Submit freezes my browser

I use IE, and am quite happy with it, thanks

Anyway, sometimes, not always though, my browser freezes
when I click submit on posts and PMs. Especially PMs, I
have real trouble with those.

Also, if I click preview before posting messages, my
browser freezes.

So, is it the ads or some scripting on the site itself?

It is really annoying to write a whole message to someone,
or answer a post, to have my browser freeze when I try to
post/submit and have to go back later to send the message
when the site will actually 'let me' :/

It has gotten so bad that I have write an answer or post
in Notepad and save it on my computer to copy and paste
as an answer/post when the site let's me.
(If I don't and my browser freezes, I lose the whole
message and that's QUITE annoying :|)

So, is there something I need to do, or is this just
something I have to deal with?

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