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Originally Posted by Kamir Sarin
That seems too slow, but I'll take it. A 2.50 second delay would seem perfect, or a 3 second delay.
Here is one with a 2.5 second delay.

Originally Posted by Kamir Sarin
Is there a free praogram that I can make .gifs with, so I could do this myself?
Why, yes. Yes there is.

Originally Posted by Kamir Sarin
I feel like I've been asking for too much.
No worries. We are always happy to help!

Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da
For your animated .gif (depending on how much time you want to invest).. I shaded in the black portions of "blue" Maul's tatoo. Whenever I did an HSL adjustment.. the black would get grainy, so I had to manually go in and rework the pigment to black(ish). I just wised I had saved the tatoos' Layer Mask in the Master.. doh!
Yea, I see what you mean. I might go back and fix that. It all depends on if Barns and Noble calls to tell me my order is in. hehe I ordered the complete series of Babylon 5, so if it comes in, I'll be pretty much occupied for the weekend.

Originally Posted by ForceFightWMe12
Is there any way I can get a siggy to match this avatar:

I don't really care what it looks like, save that it has the main character Inuyasha (This guy) in it.

How about this?

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