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The Adventures of Captain Proton!

Ok, I posted a thread in Theatre Company about starting a Captain Proton RP. The results I got were underwhelming. Those threads would have died a slow, painful death. This one probably will, too, but at least I don't have to make others join in the painful story. This is also for those old people out there who miss the days where you could go the store and buy a loaf of bread, a carton of eggs, a bag of milk, and still get change back from your dime.

Now, this is a little different than most other fics. It is based on the early twentieth century concept of serials. You know, stuff like Commando Cody, etc. from the 1920's onward. The kinds of stories you hear about where the scantily clad female sidekick falls into massive pits by accident, and the hero must saver her before the cheesy looking robot kills her.

The main character of the stories is known as Captain Proton, the defender of Earth, the scourge of intergalactic evil. He has a rocket pack, a ray gun, and his own rocketship.
Captain Proton has a sidekick named Buster Kincaid. Buster is really just for comic relief, though it isn't really needed, as it's already pretty comical.
Constance Goodheart is Captain Proton's secretary. She is the scantily clad female sidekick who always gets captured by the bad guys. You know, the kind of person who, when told to "stay here", immidiately wonders off into danger.
There is one more good guy, but he is more of a peripheral character. He is the President of Earth. He gives Captain Proton all his missions, etc. He is never actually seen.

The main villain is the evil Doctor Chaotica, a bearded menace bent on the destruction of Earth and domion over all living creatures in the universe. As is common with villains with this goal, he kills ruthlessly. He resides in his Fortress of Doom on Planet X.
Chaotica's commander is named Londvach. He is bummbling idiot, also really only meant for comic relief.
Doctor Chaotica also has a robot, which Proton has dubbed "Satan's Robot".
Another 'villain' is Arachnia, Queen of the Spider people. Caotica is in love with her, but there isn't really much else to say about her other than that she and her spider people are natives of Planet X.
There will be other villains, but they will be revealed later in the series.

Each week, on Friday night at around 8:00pm (EST), I will post a new chapter in the adventures of Captain Proton. Each Chapter will end in a cliff hangar, which will be resolved in the following chapter. I will post the first chapter soon.

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