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(OOC: Have edited some of the content of this story, so, please forgive the changes)

When's this ever going to end? he tapped his feet and drummed the fingers of his right hand against his knee. He could feel his mind begining to wander, as it often did at times like this; wander to more interesting, fast paced adventures. Be it the newest movment in a form or the thrill of dodgeing obstacles at breakneck speed, ANYTHING had to be better, more productive than listening to two, supposedly, grown sentients bicker back and forth.

This one wants this and that one doesn't like such and such, do this, do that...on and on it raved, till they were nothing more than a mindless thrum in the background. There were some things worth perking up too, and on theose rare occations, he was pulled from his orbit, but they were to far inbetween for his likng. He was begining to zone...not a good thing for a Jedi, even worse for a Padawan. His voice was grating too!

Problem was, deep down inside, he was a warrior. He had a code of ethics, an honour system, a way of doing things that didn't have time for the petty bull crap of politics. Who might be offended by me saying wipe one way instead of another! His eyes lidded, trying to drown out the noise, aka the current speaker, and concentrate on the Living Force, sensing it's sweet presance. Diplomatic missions were the worst: Bad food, Boring speakers, horrible chairs, fix this, solve that. Hey! watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat! Why his brother seemed so facinated by it, he couldn't fathom.

Glancing over, he tried not to roll his dark eyes as the image of his brother, soakin in every word, movement and gesture about made him gag. He longed for some action. Maybe, one of these Senators would come to be hostile. yeah, and then start throwing blows....yeah, then he could...

The double tap in his mind, one from his brother and the other from his master almost mad him grunt out loud. Despite the time spent developing the MASTER/APPRENTICE bond, his brother's still felt the sharpest, most clear. Their unusual connection to each other was cause of much debate within the higher echelons. Rare was suh a bond that held so deep, one that normally required a great deal of training and skill. Yet it came naturally, almost effortlessly to the twins.

Effecting a smirk at his lankier brother, he somberly turned his attention back to the debating representatives; or at least the translator sorting out all that gibberish. He'd learned to speak Iridonian and understand Wookie, but the Advose tounge was not one he was all too familiar with. he could catch a phrase or two, but it was mostly yibberish to him. he knew that his brother probably knew ten languages upsided down and another five in the wings.

This was in stark contrast to his brother, also sitting in on this. Born a couple of minutes earlier, the elder still held that aura of I'm bigger than you. Even though it was highly discouraged, they interacted as siblings. It also had to do with their bond, as strong as durasteel, the younger could sense the elder halfway across the galaxy. This made for fast friends, brutal battles, fierce arguments and the closest of brothers. They did indeed, love each other as family and there was nothing that could be done about that, as each was fiercely loyal to the other. But in terms of temperment, the two couldn't be more different, though the younger knew that the older hid most of his aggresivness.

Sensing his younger brother's bordrom and, perhaps, even his wandering thoughts, the elder's striking blue eyes flickered toward the younger Keltron. with enough features to know they were related, the elder carried dark blue eyes and a lighter shade of brown hair, more wavy than curly, and kept it cut in a long buzz cut. Lanky and lithe, he stood a good three inches taller.

The younger was more muscular, than lithe, spending much more time in the gym than the library. His deep-set brown eyes were the color of dark ale to match his hair, which he kept at a military reg, high and tight, save for the Padawan's braid that hung loosely, resting lightly on his shoulder. His under robes were the darker brown as opposed to the beige ones as where his boots. Both wore the Brown robes of Jedi Knights, though the younger's was open as he semi-slouched in his chair.

Well, this is his thing, he murmered silently to himself. He NEEDS to be well versed. I'm just here for protection.

He s******e as he thought it more for DECORATION than anything esles. Why the Council deemed it necessary to have two Jedi Masters here was beyond him, and to include their Padawans? Something must be up, yet, for the eintire week they'd been here, the most exciting thing that happened was Senator Aldra Zoth breaking a sweat. cruel and unusual punishment,that's what this is!

The pair were now arguing over R and D research! The State (System) government controlled the mines, research, etc and gave out jobs freely to the people, keeping their taxes down. Doesn't work in many places, but, thus far, it was working here. Ventra Corps, a susdiary of Celtrek, wanted to purchase mining rights as well as a helping (and more than likely TAKING) hand. Luzra was long known for its successful mining operations and, most recently, a new chip technology for droids, improving their working efficentcy. In short, they were rolling high and sitting pretty...perfect time for the vultures to start circling.

Ventra, and, for that matter, Celtrek, might have legitamate, business reasons for wanting to have the mines and research go public...but the younger brother doubted it. No, it smelled of vulures and espianage to Voshon. Five coordinated attacks on three mines and two at the primary research facility practically SCREAMED foulplay. And the fact that it came when Ventra was gettin nowhere in their talks....

"What do you think about all this, Master Jedi?"

Se'laya Krauss' beautiful violet eyes flickered to her counterpart, the Caamasi Jedi, Ra'kada Moshat. The senior Jedi by MANY years, he was also the chief negotiator. Both pair of purple eyes locked onto one another and Krauss nodded.

"Both sides have presented very good arguments. Ventra Corp wants to expand, just like any other company, while the Government officals wish to keep their mines theirs." A common opening statement for him, trying to bridge the gap between the two.

"But the economy...?"

"It would help supply and demand!" the other interupted.

"I wasn't finished," Moshat snapped. It wasn't an evil, angry snap; just an attention grabber filled with force. "If you look at the big picture, this is the system's life force, their primary means of profit. It keeps their taxes down and provides countless jobs for the natives."

"I knew the Jedi would be bigioted toward the government!" The antagonizer, on Mylos Krent, protested. "Because Luzra is a Republic world, you would take their side! Hypocrites, this is outrageous!"

"Do you always make a habit of jumping to conclusions, Mr. Krent?" Krauss' melodious voice spoke up. Apparently, being the only female in the room of any stature was enough to quite the low roar of voices that was slowly starting up. "Please, allow my collegue to finish."

"I've heard enough of what he has to say!"

"And that is your problem, you don't want to listen to anyone but yourself."

"More proof that you are on the side of the Government!" Krent accused. Voshon had to reign himself in harshly. Nobody talked to his master that way, but his older brother, Varrick stopped him short. mercifully, time ran out and the session was called to a close, to be picked up early tomorrow.

"We appreciate the Jedi for overseeing these talks and appoligize for the....uniformed statments of a few. You honour us with your presance."

More political bantha podoo, but the apperances must be kept. Luckily, his Master did the majority of the talking and all he had to do was smile or glare. Ah, the life of a Padawan.

"Well, I'm glad that's over," this time, he did yawn.

"Vosh, did you even know what was going on half the time?" His taller brother inquired. Sharp blue eyes held a bit of admonishment, but he knew from experiance not to argue. Voshon just wasn't a diplomat, no two ways about it.

"Yeah, one guy wanted the city hall blue, the other tourquoise..."


"Sorry, master," he bowed his head, apoligetically. "I just have a hard time with all this pointless debate and usless talk. That's all it is, talk. Nobody SAYS anything!"

Jedi Master Se'laya Krauss smiled knowinly and shook here head, wavy strands of curly hair swirled in thick masses, held back by a family crest jewel. The Golden clasp was inscribed in the native language of her people.
The Coruscant native had been trying for years to have Voshon appreciate the "quite" times, though, she too thrived on more..."active" times. A virtroso with the saber, her sword skills were on par with any male, and her scarlet blade could deftly scortch a hand or appendage with little effort and a quick flicky of her slender wrist. that, combined with her variious martial arts skills and array of Force powers, made her one of the most fearsome opponents in the Order. Probably why she, and, in effect, he was here.

The situation with the Advose on Luzra was volitile, indeed. With the industrial espiange, attacks and general unrest, the Jedi were asked to intervene. Some of the higher ups wanted to let the government companies go public to bring in more revenue and jobs. So far, the presance of the Jedi had kept the insurgents at bay, but how long it would last was questionable. Ventra Corps was a decent sub-company, but Celtrek...That alone warrented Voshon keeping his eyes on them, and the fact that they'd had a run in before with corrupt members of this company. That's what happens when you go up against a corporation that was closely alligned with the Trade Federation.

Varrick agreed with his younger brother, still suprised at his insight; but one thing his brother was, it was cunning. He picked up enough to know what was going on then tunned the rest of the world out.

"I agree, but I don't think that Ventra Corps is foolish enough to attack that mine. Not with the government workers," Master Moshat, hi white fur smooth, observed. "None the less, I've seen it happen before. Today did not go well for Ventra and Celtrek. We should post a guard there, just in case."

"A wise move, master Moshat," Krauss smiled. "Voshon, since talk wearies you so, go to the caves and report it anything happens. Take Ichi with you."

"Yes, Master."

Moshat watched him leave. The confidence, just twinged with a bit of arrogance. Excitment to, though the young one had learned to control it well, no doubt under the staunch guidence of Master Krauss. He couldn't help but compare the two brothers, no matter how many times they'd worked together, from their postures and stances to their attitudes. Voshon would fight his way through a nest of angry gundarks for a common power cell, while Varrick would either circumvent them or place them in a stasis. True, Voshon Keltron hardly killed, but his hand was never far from his lightsaber's hilt.

Varrick had that same quick wit about him, to get the job done, but was more prone to words than swords. That did not, however, stop him from mastering his onw lightsaber techniques, though he prefered finesse as opposed to brute strength. Varrick could cut an enitire legion down with his words just as easily as if he were using a blade...and his control over his powers was storn and growing, already advancing to the higher tiers of control. He would make a fine Knight indeed.

"Come, Varrick," the Caamasi intoned, "we've much to sipher out."

"I'll report if Vosh runs into anything and send an update to the Council."

"Should be soon," the elder Master said dryly, "I think he goes looking for trouble."
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