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They still fight like idiots. He slooowly stabs at the first guy (Agen Kolar) who doesn't even block, he just grunts as he gets stabbed. The other guy doesn't block either, he just gets cut down and doesn't even try to fight. Kit Fisto lasts about 3 seconds, at least he TRIES. If he was mind tricking the Jedi Masters somehow, it didn't work on Mace (character shields?). It was just a badly done scene I think... oh well.

How would I have done it? I'd have just made him come out blindingly fast, smashing their blocks away and cutting them up in a few seconds to show how powerful he was, not just having them stand there and let him kill them, which is basically how it came off as. Or if Lucas really wanted to have been in your face, he could have had Palpatine raise his hand at each Jedi who would then suddenly be frozen in place while he cut them down. Then have when he comes to Mace, his power gets blocked and then they fight normally or something...

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