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Originally Posted by jokemaster
1. Send your fighter/bomber ships between 2 enemy capital ships and cause them to shoot each other.

2. Capture enemy ships by disabling their shields and engines and sending boarding craft.

3. Sneaking onto a planet while the space defenses are elsewhere, taking it over, then using it's defenses to blow the enmy spaceships out of the sky.

4. Waging a massive dogfight composed of only TIEs and X-Wings

5. Crush an entire rebel fleet with pure overwhelming force.
Ive done two of those things, #4 and #5, #4 is hard to set up, Destroy all other ships wiht bombers

then destroy all turrets on the space stations, laeving the hangar and Supply dock intacts, ITs an endless war. Set it on cinematic veiw and enjoy. Just dont use heros, they kill too fast and unbalance the all out chaos.
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