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Okay... since this PtH thread has already been split in two, I'm debating dividing it further into chapters. (Not sure about it at this point, tho.)

For those curious, here's what I have had roughly planned out (not significantly changed since I started the RPG... not anticipating the feet-dragging during the last year )

Stage One: Stopover on Kartin (This was supposed to take 1-2 pages (or about a month) to RPG through - it took 6 1/2 pages, and 4 months. We do love our setup.)

Stage Two: The Kidnapping (This went according to plan, taking a little over 2 weeks, 1 page.)

Stage Three: Aftermath (With the group separated and trying to figure out what to do next, I figured this would take another month or two, say 3 pages. It took a whopping 10 pages and 9 months.)

So here's the rest of the rough 'quest-map': (I'll post further details of any part of it if anyone wants.)

Stage Four: The Shadow Base (We're two pages, one month into this stage already, and I've given up predicting how many more pages it'll take.) Should be SHORT.

Stage Five: The Torn Planet (Group gets their quest, crosses dimensions) SHORT.

Stage Six: The Shadow of Archon (Group's ships ensnared.) SHORT.

Stage Seven: The Devastated Watchtower (Investigating a destroyed Blade watchtower.)

Stage Eight: The Blade High Citadel (stage subject to timeline rearrangement depending on what happens in the RPG, but it will probably happen here)

Stage Nine: The City of Center

Stage Ten: The Way Line SHORT.

Stage Eleven: The Alari Jungle SHORT.

Stage Twelve: The Underground SHORT. (I think)

Stage Thirteen: The Mountains of Crystal SHORT.

Stage Fourteen: The Forests of the Wolf SHORT.

Stage Fifteen: The Bright City in the Water

Stage Sixteen: The Great Pit SHORT.

Stage Seventeen: The Graylands SHORT. (I think)

Stage Eighteen: The Land of the Fallen Sun SHORT. (I think)

Stage Nineteen: The Shattered Barrier SHORT.

Stage Twenty: Earthside

Note that after the group finally crosses dimensions, stage changes are basically setting changes.

"SHORT" means the stage should proceed in a get-in-get-out style, like Stage Two (the kidnapping). The stages not marked SHORT are where Big Plot Events are supposed to to happen. (Four places; where it involves the Blades, in Center, at Marin's home, and on Earth.)

If everything had gone according to plan, we'd be in Stage Twenty already. Obviously, and this is mostly my fault for barely replying my entire last semester and not moving things along during the semester before that. (Thank God I have a much lighter class load this coming semester.)


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