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((Yay, I'm awake.

Okay, time to say all the things I should have said over the past couple weeks:

Originally Posted by Scar Da Kookee
((I'm sure red would have problems with that 15, didnt aren give kioet that ship???))
Saurat could modify it; he won't understand some of the mechanics inside the ship - i.e. the systems Aren added. That's all.

R15: I keep missing you on AIM, or talking to you when I'm on my last brain cell of the night/morning. So PM me for plot things XD

WJ: What's going on with your assassins? Could you PM me? I'm a little lost, sad to say.

BD: Deac does have something planned, if only he would post to start it off.

Scar: Your wish is my command. Also, check your PMs))


*The Elven Woman, face hidden under a cloak that completely wrapped around her body but for her eyes, watches Irvine as he boards the shuttle. She had been following him ever since he reappeared from the Shadow Realm.

As Irvine disappears into the shuttle, she slips through the crowd towards him, breaking into a run as he goes out of sight. She crouches behind a bale of cargo*

((Scar - up to you whether Irvine sees/senses her or not.

Will reply with Rwos/Kaya tomorrow. [Waiting on R15/WJ for Aren + assassins, waiting on Cracken for Starr.] Somehow my PtH-evaluating took me until 4 AM... well, that's what I get for spending a whole semester flaking. Make me happy, go read it.))

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