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Originally Posted by The Doctor

Could someone please use their almighty powers to turn the glow on this image from green to a dark blue, and create a signature using it, preferably with my name on it in the same colour writing? I would appreciate it.
EDIT: And I would like to be able to use the altered pic as an avatar, as well.
I embellished a little and took some "creative freedom".. but the Master file can undo alot of it

I saved it in .png format to preserve the quality.. but a high quality .jpg didn't look any worse for wear if you wish to re-save the Master into an alternate format.

This time I included the vector Mask hehehe...

You can also change the color of the glow. I inserted it as a seperate layer for ease of change... that and I wasn't too sure "how" blue you wanted it.



I don't do signatures (mainly because I have them disabled in my LF view).. but anyone can take the Master and easily incorporate it into one. I'd advise disabling the "button" effect for the sig though unless you just want it to look like that. Just kill the filters on the Background Button Layer

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