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((I like how that message from kal isnt a 'requesting one', like Deac is going to be at the temple :P

Red: okay, i wish for some of those Niner tapes, or at least a 'sit down' to review them.

... With popcorn. ))


*As Irvine gets to the top of the ramp, he spins around looking out, but sees nothing. He continues into the craft. His head begins to ache, then eventually pound. Walking towards the cockpit he leans onto a handrail, and grabs at his forehead.

Why am I running? I could go to the Jedi Council, they could help. No, if he'd could show up right at the door, whats to stop him from coming in, even worse... What about father? Father beat him before. But who knows how powerful he's now! No, I can't bring him to father, I don't want... Father to...'

Suddenly his head gives out one hard 'pound' and a flash of the place where Cracken took him for the first time...*

Irvine "The v...!!"

*Irvine regains his composure and continues to the cockpit, he sits down and presses the buttons to raise the ramp. Then he takes off.*

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