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Maw Installation
*Research Executor Herod was a middle aged man, in about his late 40's. Short, but slim, grey hair had already taken over his head, which his hair was cut short. A pair of saftey goggles were hung around his neck, and his lab coat was open. Underneith, his standerd Imperial Uniform was on. He was looking over the latest diagnostics checks from the mornings test. Outpreforming by all imaginable standards and theory. He chuckled. Emperor Palpatine though this was a fools errand, but Cracken knew better. His work could finally be finished.

A tech came up to him, and handed him a datapad. He looked at it, and looks a bit surprised. Cracken sent his lapdog out here to investigate the progress of "Starscream"? Good. He gazed outside the window to his lab and looked out on what he had helped create.

On the surface, it was a regular Super Star Destroyer. However, he saw the second test beginning. the top surface of the Destroyer began to move apart, an idea that came from the old Venerator Class Star Destroyers from the Clone Wars. The now empty space was bristled with turbo laser cannons, and hire powered projectile cannons. In the middle, moved up a superlaser. It fired, 3 times in rapid succession, blowing apart 3 Star Destroyers. He smiled. It worked. "Starscream" worked.

Yaga Minor

*Alysara mused. Her diplomacy skills were signifigantly lacking. Most of her life was spend either retrieving object A, or killing person B, or delivering object C to person B, then killing Person B. None of this fancy let's talk.

A junior officer came up to her, giving her a small data pad. She looked at it. Her father recieved the report, and was enroute. She hit a button on her command chair, hailing her "uncle".*

Alysara: Well, your "brother is on his way. He is most displeased about your apparent open hostilities....



The name brought hate from the deepest recesses of Cracken's being. Loathing, all out driven disgust. His "adoptive" brother, one of Father's disciples during the Jedi Purge, and he quickly became of of his favorites. Oh how overjoyed Cracken was when Agric was sent to the Unknown Regions.

But he was back. Why? The Empire was his, as Father always dictated. His eyes narrowed on the bridge of the SSD Executor, and looked at the clock holo. 15 minutes to reversion. a compliment of 15 Star Destroyers followed, in a hyperspace lane only known to him, bypassing all the reversion jumps that take so long. He knew at least 2 Star Destroyers would not make the voyage, but he didn't mind. He would find out what his brother wanted, and if nothing has changed since.... possibly kill him.

Besides, he was physically far younger now. Old Agric must be in his 50's. Cracken was physically in his mid 30's. He remembered that, his unfortunate first run in with Deac and his merry band. ANother task, for another time....

14 minutes....*

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