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The droid pilot manuevered the boarding craft through space with every bit of skill he had. Corporal 221, and war buddies of squad 2301 were preparing themselves for combat. It could hear violent explosions outside of the ship, which jerked as it flew. Rusty old piece of junk, it thought.

A voice came over the intercom, barely heard over all the noise. "We have accessed the hangar of the Imperial Victory star destroyer. Brace yourselves."

221 heard a slight slam as the landing craft hit the hangar bay's floor. Then, the ramp began to slide out. Immediately, the seven battle droids poured out of the craft, blasters blazing a spectacular red. Trooper after trooper, 221 and his mates blasted each and every Imperial in the hangar bay. Then he met up near the elevator with them.

"Contact command," the corporal began. "Inform them that our squad has cleared the hangar, and that if they wish to capture and use this star destroyer for the Rebellion's purposes, then they must make their move now."

"Yes sir," another replied.

The squad's second-in-command walked up to unit 221.

"Sir, we must continue to move through the ship so that we can locate and destroy the auto-defense mainframe. In doing so, our comrades will make it to the hangar safely."

"Very well," 221 agreed.

Squad 221 began to move out after they had contacted the CIS's command ship. So far so good.

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