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As J-hawk flies thought space dodging shot after shot he hear over his intercom that the CIS have taking over the west star destroyer. He confirms the message and call to all of his squad the 801st to head over to the west star destroyer to take it back.

All of his squad confirms and the start the attack. He warns his men that this is going to be the hardest mission of this battle. The intercom was quit for a moment but the sounds of shots breaks
the silent.

As he goes to the invaded star destroyer as he looks back to make sure he has enough men, he see that he to short of men and he thinks in his head, We’re and going to make it a live. Then he looks back to see that 10 or 12 droid fighters have launched from the destroyer.

He go head on head with 2 droid fighters he shots a missile and one blows up as so the other fighter starting firing at him he dodges them turns and fires but misses. Then out of nowhere a third fighter comes. He was trapped but then the third fighter blows up behind him. Over the intercom the sergeant, Your welcome, with a small laugh. Thanks he said back over the intercom. He turns and fires a 5 shots and the droid cracks. Then when 4 fighter were leaf another 10 came out.

He thinks that this is going to be non-ending. So over the intercom he said that the sgt. And 5 marines and 1 pilot to board the ship and that everyone is to attack the on coming fighter. Over the intercom he hears yes, sir.

As the group heads to the ship they was attacked by 3 fighters. So he tells a marine to attack them as so they slip by them but right after that he was blow upped. So he the sgt. 4 marines and 1 pilot aboard the ship. They start to shot the supers, he commands and marine and the pilot to blow the boarding ship up.

Cute but deadly

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