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Mon Calamari Shipyard

The lights flickered on revealing a shinny, sterile command bridge. Each computer and system flickered on for its very first time. The blast doors at the back of the bridge opened and officers and technicians walked in. Each moved and sat at their specific post leaving just two individuals standing.

"She's a beautiful ship," said a tall man in a New Republic Admiral's Uniform. "They keep making these things better and better."

The second individual was a Mon Calamarian. He wore a standard orange jumsuit and held a helmate at his side. "Mon Calamari is the best in the galaxy," he said as he ran his hand along the bulkhead.

"Are all the fighters onboard?"

"Scythe and Phase Squadrons just finished loading so yes. I think we are ready to launch Admiral."

The Admiral, who's full name was Jaron Syno, smiled and faced the Mon Calamari Captain. "That's good to hear. We have a long way to go before we reach Coruscant so you better get some rest."

"Very well Admiral," he said, saluted and walked out of the bridge.

The Mediator Battle Cruiser, Anteares moved away from the Shipyards and into open space. It's engines ignited and the Massive warship dissapeared into hyperspace.
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