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Ventris stood siliently as he watched the CIS droid fighters dog fight with the new TIE's that were recently placed under his command. He was watching from the command brige, of his newly crescened Victory Star Destroyer. So far, the battle had just began but he was highly suprised to discover that the CIS had so many fighters still under their control.

Suddenly alarms began to go off, proclaiming "Intruder Alert!" Ventris turned from his grand view of the battle to consult with his head of security.

"What is going on?" Ventris asked with a hint of anger that his auto turrents didnt shot down the invading boarding craft.

"A CIS Boarding craft has somehow managed to land into our hanger area. I am just now recieving reports that they have secured the hanger and are begining to move to the Auto Turrent Mainframe." The clone commander responded.

"We musn't allow those auto turrents to go off-line! Hurry and get a security team down there at once! Send our best clones, these CIS are not to be under estimated."

The clone commander looked down at his datapad, "Im recieving word that some pilots managed to take out the boarding craft. But I am afraid some battle droids are still making their way to the Mainframe"

"Get that team down there at once! Tell the pilots to help cut off the hanger as an escape. We will get them from the front and back." Ventris said.

At that, Ventris turned around back to his grand view of the battle field. Only to see a capital ship coming out of hyperspace, a ship he had never seen before...

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