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Ok, I know there are good Battledroid models out there, but I was wondering if NeoMarz could make some. I would love to see the great quality of NeoMarz put on a separatist Battledroid :P I would like a bulkier Super Battle Droid. And if possible, maybe a Grapple Droid, jet droid (Ep3 game), a better droideka (no offense lol I like the current model) and of course the regular battledroid in all variations. Reason I ask this is because, ever since Marz released his clones, I thought it'd be a good idea if he made Droids to go along with them, or I mean. That our clone friends arent lonely Im also considering making a movie series based on the Death Watch and Black Suns. Might be cool ya know. Anyway, Marz, you dont have to take up the offer, but it's here if ya'd like. Or if anyone else wants to try to make a superb sep pack.

Ok, I blabbered enough, lol.

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