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*Kioet walks into the docking bay, towards his missile boat, and stops abruptly*

Kioet: Leave me.

Garstan: But I was told to make some modifications to your ship.

Kioet: It's already modified and upgraded, and it's just been fueled, which is the reason why I came here to begin with, no do not continue to annoy me or I will mount your head on the nose of it. Go tell your master that I'm on my way there right now.

Garstan: whatever you say.

*Garstan turns and walks away, Kioet opens the hatch to his missile boat, hops in and sets the coordinates while grumbling under his breath*

Kioet: annoying calamarians.

*The missile boat lifts off the dockingbay platform and disappears into the clouds*

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