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Viper waited in the pouring rain for the first wave of Imperial troops to arrive. He had revceived word that the alliance had released their fighters and in the confusion a Imperial troop carrier had been spotter heading towards the planet. Now viper had the rebel soldiers, clones and droids behind him ready to take this enemy down. The key to the mass number of reinforcements was that CIS had quikcly created a small droid facility which was making droids as they spoke. Also the clones were heard at work and more were being deployed every moment. Then they stopped. A new garrison was to be formed in case of needing back up. Viper looked into the rain filled sky and heard the noise of approaching craft. There were more carriers than he first thought. But no matter his troops were positioned all around the compound and landing areas. The first ship touched down a few feet away from the hidden Viper Squadron. A few stormtroopers exited guns raised. Viper waved his arm and all hell broke loose.....


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