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Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
In a few fights, enemies somehow got stuck either up in the spectator ring, or even into the walls. The first I can get around, I just stand up to the wall and use Spirit Exodus. My clone would be "forced" up to the spectator area, so he would kill him. The other was more serious, however, since they were actually inside the walls. I couldn't get to them, or my clone, and I couldn't get out through the force field or armoband because the match was still active.
Hmm, odd. Which game type were you playing when this happened? The only way I think this could happen would be if you were standing right on top of one of the spawn spots around the arena edge in a Gauntlet or Defend match, causing the game to bump the spawn location to the nearest space outside your collision area.

Unfortunately the game does not take walls or line of sight into concideration when doing things like this, and I guess someone could end up in the spectator area.

While it's impossible to prevent it from happening (unless I move the spawn locations further from the walls I suppose), I could add a check to the arena fighters script where they are jumped back into the arena center if their Z coordinate is higher than the arena floor, though it might slow things down a bit in matches with many simultaneous combatants.

Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
Also, during several of my matches, I saved right in the middle. When I reload, I find myself in the arena with all my enemies gone. I also cannot get out, since the force field is locked, and so I had to use the armband.
Huh? Strange, I've never experienced any problems with saving and reloading in the middle of a fight. What kind of match type where you fighting when this happened?

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