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*Tarkin's face changed from that of a worried man to a rather strict one as he opened the holo-link*

<begins transmission>

I once again want to remind you all of the fact that Lord Vader's arrival is nearly here.
I'm asking all of you to deal with any problems trough the doctrine of fear. If there would be any questions about the practical side, look on the holonet and learn how to handle these 'rebels' from the recent events at Ghorman, located in the Sern Sector. For those who have a momentarily disconnection caused by space anomalies, I will be sending trough the latest version of the doctrine itself. Stand ready for incoming files.

<ends transmission>

Imperial Communique #0010044.92v: The Tarkin Doctrine

- Establish "Oversectors" to monitor and react to rebellious activities within tumultuous systems. Oversectors will receive more forces than other regions of the Empire, and this Imperial presence is designed to stop small Rebel factions before they become a larger threat.

- Assign command of each Oversector to a single individual who reports directly to the Emperor.

- Improve communication resources and Imperial response time by placing modified Holonet Transceivers aboard each flagship of every Sector Group within an Oversector command. Similar facilities have also been established aboard the Emperor's flagship and on Coruscant.

- Control unruly portions of the Galaxy through a fear of force, rather than actual force itself. Possibly the most integral aspect of the Tarkin Doctrine, this measure encourages the Empire to display its power and weaponry through potent symbols such as the Star Destroyer.

- Continue to research and develop new and more powerful starships and weapons designed to inspire fear in resistant systems.

*After closing the connection, Tarkin turned back to studying various maps, trying to figure out the most probable locations where the traitors could be.*

"The last remnants of the Old Republic have been swept away."

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