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I think that the first time i heard about it was when i was about 9 or 10..this was about a year or two after mots...I think. I downloaded the demo of Mots and freeking loved it. (freeking spelled wrong but thats ok) I was at my friends house who lives in new york at the time...its tough to get from RI to NY quickly enough to play games and then i forgot about it until about...hmmm...8th grade when one of my friends was talking about Star Wars games...I asked him what his favortie was and he said Mots and then I remembered the games and was like "If I bring in some disks could you burn it for me..." he said yea and the next day i got them and played them constantly for like two or three days (It was the weekend and my parents went away, so I stayed up the entire time. Eating and playing games)

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