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((BD: What are you doing with the Council, anyway?

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The Blade Ship Silver, Companion to Inquiry, Present Day

*K'Warra K'laar, gargoyle, sits cross legged on a metal floor - with markings in a complex gridlike pattern etched in it - inside a square formed by four posts. The area between the four posts shimmers a bit. Besides that, no restraints are visible. The elf Slythe, the gargoyle Rwos, and a few other Blades are sitting outside the square*

K'Warra: Not that I'm ungrateful... or that I'm not flattered you chose your nicest cage to hold me... but as I've told you, this is pointless. I made a bargain. When Sejhan needs me to fulfill it, he can snap his fingers and summon me. Keeping me in custody only delays the inevitable.

Slythe: In case you didn't notice, you aren't a mind-controlled zombie anymore. I'd say whatever power Sejhan has over you is permanently broken... as long as you're safely behind bars. Dimensionally speaking, of course.

K'Warra: There are older and more powerful laws in play here than you understand. Sejhan got physical control over me because of a loophole in our bargain. By the way, that was very clever of you, using the dying burst of the... Sleeper, did you call it? to disrupt the enchantment.

Slythe: Why thank you.

K'Warra: A mage with an understanding of his art as well as yours should know how pointless keeping me here is.

Slythe: Au contraire, my dear gargoyle. Keeping you here stops your demon friend from controlling you until he decides to summon you to perform the one task that you agreed on, the one task that will fulfill your bargain. If I released you, you'd get to be his zombie until he gets around to throwing you at that final task.

K'Warra: Only if he was close enough to me to allow physical contact, and I had no protective spells up, and I was asleep. Now that I know the risk, I'm hardly likely to take that chance. I'm familiar with these old bargain laws and how to deal with them...

Slythe: You certainly did an exception job dealing with this one so far! This Sejhan can pass through solid matter as if it was air, travel by portal and has a hundred-thousand-year-old mercenary at his beck and call. You'll understand why we prefer this level of precaution to trusting that you won't make yet another mistake.

*Slythe turns to Rwos*

Slythe: You're going to need to tell your friends the Aesir what we've learned. You know, I really wish you would be more clear on...

Rwos: I told you, I made a promise not to discuss certain things they told me.

Slythe: If you insist. Contact the Aesir, and hurry up about it. We're going to need you on our next piece of business...

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