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Imperial Tatics : AkA imperial black list/secondary planet bonus

Cant decide what planet to blow up in fear you will screw your self up? this guide makes your decison faster [some speling has been fixed and figurd out a small patern in secondary bonuses]

Update: i now know there are LOTS of secondary bonuses not as unique to a few planets as i thought so im probly gona stop listing them unless some one actuly wants me too

You as a high imperial oficer have the uttermost highest power in the Galaxy, if you chose to use it. You must be smart and protect it with the uttermost care

A: Planet secondary bonus
B:Imperial planet black list

Sec: A secondary bonuses
Secondary planet description:
First of all secondary bonus only efect THAT planet that they are on
Its also good to take note that these bonus are not always good
It seems most planets with a bonus only affecting 1 side also has a secondary bonus (eg yavin:rebel bonus byss:imperial bonus)

secondary bonus planet list:

When I was attacking Alderan it came to my attention that it has infact two bonuses:1. Rebel infantry platoons have a 50% damage reduction 2. Imperial base size is reduced <---link of pic

" Cost of fighter craft reduced because of massassi temples" Direct quote (why? i dont know) im assumeing this is not galatic because of it dosint say so (the primary has [galatic] next to it)

Byss: Ground bass construction time is reduced due to the Influence of the dark side of the force

Endor: Space stations undetectible due to endors high gravity field

Taris: Cost of ALL ships are reduced due to Taris thriving ship industry

Sec: B Imperial black list:
These planets are slightly in order of my opinion of planets to take down:

Good planets to blow up(space bonus):
1.vergo asteroids: 25% dammage Increase for all rebel fighters
2.yavin 4 : 50% more shields for all rebel fighers
3.mon calimari : 20% moncalimari ship cost down
4.Freshia :cheaper A-wings
5. Fondor: 20% cheaper alliance assult ships
6. Corrilla: all corrillian corvets 20% cheaper (rebs only right? )

Good planets to blow up (land bonus)
1.Naboo: t4-b 25% firepower upgrade
2.Taris: t2-b costs 20% less money
3.Wayland:t4-b and artilery gain 15% speed boost
4.alderan :50% damage reductiont to rebel infantry secondary : imperal bases are smaler

Planets that are "fun" to blow up(barly usefull only good for daily cash wich is still not much))

Planets you might not want to fight on:

1.shola: auto damage to infantry (bad if u use lots of infantry affectsboth teams)

2.any auto heal planet theres a few of these (affects both teams)

any other planets sould not be blown up except in desprate situations
especialy these

planets you dont want to blowup ever :
1.besbin : tons of mony (YaY!)
2.endor :beter at at armor
3.byss: beter atat speed and fire power
6.jambiim:all repulsilifters dont work in ion storms (good defence if your introble)


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