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Why would you blow up planets ? Isn't much better to have them since bonuses are only effective if the rebelion hold the planet.

As far as I'm concerned there will be no planet destruction in my galaxy. However massive blockades will be in place. My only concerns are next :

1. Is there a possibility to trap the rebel fleet ?

Let me explain you.

In the demo mod you can build gravitation well as an extension for the space station as well as the hyper velocity gun and the ion cannon on the planet. So if the rebel fleet tries to reache the planet Y while transiting by planet X which has gravity well and two cannons, is there a possibility to trap them and force them to fight in the space of the planet X ?

Another concern I have is the launching of fighters from the fighter bay. In the demo is automatic and I have no control at all.
What I would like to have is the command option which allows me to launch my fighters and bombers only when I judge is a good time to do it.

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