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As far as I'm concerned they can say thx to moders out there for not making me cancel my order for this game. The original mod was should I say empty. Yes we had tutorials and some other things but the main thing wasn't there. For about a year they are bombarding us with screenshots where you can see large battles in sapce and on the ground. And do we get in the demo ? 720 MB file with only one little space battle and something which we should call the ground battle and the worst thing is that the battle is on the desert planet while ther is much better maps in the game.

There is no ISD nor Mon Calamari cruiser to command. AT-AT was there but we had only one. They let us play only as the rebelion and the galactic AI was turned off.

What's the point of all that ? The marketing guy who made this decision has made a poor marketing decision. The demo in such state was worse than no demo at all.

The demo is meant to give you the taste of the game to try it to see if is your style of game and not to tell you " well you know that is in the final version" or "we turned it off on purpose".

Honnestly when I finished the official demo I was like "what the hell is that all, is that what I've been waiting for since they announced it the very first time ?"

Then with mods released I decided to give it another try and boy I was happy when I was able to control the ISDs and to actually have an ennemy who will attack my planets.

Petro guys you should be gratefull to moders because I'm sure that I'm not the only one who seriously considered canceling his order for this game after the official demo.

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