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I've played the demo and mods, so here's my take:

Zoom controls are clunky, especially in ground mode.

When I zoom into a planet on the strategic map, if I have two fleets and I want to move 5 out of 10 units from one fleet to another, I have to drag one at a time. I'd like to have a number-to-transfer option when there's more than two units.

In ground battles, if I attack with a group of vehicles the ones in back can't attack because the range is short compared to view range. Maybe the laser ranges should be longer so that my second row of tanks can fire.

Ground units seem to bump into eachother too much. Maybe the models should be smaller.

On the galactic map, I'd like to see lanes of travel between planets. At least where there's no fog of war. Maybe that could be a dificulty setting.

I should note that I really like the game. There's always room for improvement, and they asked for feedback. In fact, I liked it so much that I've already pre-ordered the full version. Good job Petroglyph!

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