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Suddenly the Victory Star Destroyer was violently shaking in almost all directions. Ventris got himself up only to see on the status display that both shield generators had been destroyed and the hull was exposed.

Quickly, Ventris ran to his security officer.

"We aren't going to last much longer, prepair my shuttle for immediate take off," Ventris said, "and what is the status of the security team?"

"All Battledroids have been removed from the ship sir." The officer answered.

"Good news, if you survive your squad may just see a promotion." Ventris smiled as he began to walk out of the command brige.

"Oh, and sir we found this in the memory banks of the leader of the boarding party. It appears to be a memory chip of some sort," the officer illuminated the room with a holographic map of Kamino's surface.

"Excellent! I take it this waypoint is the where the enemies troops are meeting?" Ventris questioned.

"As far as we can tell, yes."

"Bombard that position immediately. I don't care for any civilian or friendly casualities. Our goal is to secure Kamino." Ventris said almost immediately.

"Yes, sir," his security officer responded, "oh and that ship you wanted me to identify isnt responding to our hails at all. It appears to not be on the rebellion side either."

"Keep me informed." At this Ventris walked off to the hanger as the sound of turbolasers spread through the ship, as Kamino was bombarded.

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