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Yes im sorry about spelling and grammer is was very tyard last night (dint even finish my list i wanted) i will fix it today after i finish a paper thats due soon

school comes first >.<

main topic of this thread was more of somten to help cailm(or start) a little more debate about death star there are many people who feel that it is useless but i think there could posibly very good uses with the only loss of income

bah i beter get started on my paper corections sould be done by tonight

oh 1 more thing! thoughts about dubble bonus on alderon >.< well not realy bonus for imperials........ but has any one seen any other planets like this i haven't.

I think you worded this wrong
"Isn't much better to have them since bonuses are only effective if the rebelion hold the planet. "

thats the point to keep them away from rebels you cant control whol galaxy at once and with rebelion blockade run its gona be quite annoying ud need at least 2 storm troopers on every planet

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