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(popcorn2008, great job on the posts. I like the amount of detail and character depth you've been displaying. Very good.)

Corporal 221 watched through a small air duct's vent as the Imperials attempted to defeat the scattering droid invaders. It had overheard a few of the enemy officers discussing current tasks, revealing the ship commander's plans. A very effective set of plans they were. 221 was forced to watch its men be torn down to parts as they were cornered. Luckily it managed to find the air duct it was in was loose and not completely bolted down.

Find a terminal to connect to, it thought. If it could send a message back to the CIS's commanders, perhaps it would be able to make it off this ship. The corporal rotated in the duct and began crawling through the tunnels. In a few minutes of time, it had found its way out into a safe and secure hallway. 221 then walked throughout a system of halls, until he found a lounge. It had a terminal in it. But.... the ugly side of the room was that there were enemy -

"Halt! Hands up, drop your weapons." A voice came from behind.

"Uhhh." 221 began.

If it allowed itself to be captured, there would be a little escape chance. But if it acted in anyway to be damaged or retarded on a standard basis, it could mean it would be escorted to the maintenence section of the ship. And where there's a maintenence area, there's bound to be some terminals.

That was a plan-in-action.

"Uh, who 'Gun?'" 221 asked in a dull manner.

"Your weapon. Drop it on the floor," the other replied.

"Gun be friend to -" The battle droid collapsed before finishing; shutting itself down.

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