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Jedi Council Tower


Kal: They just told me to contact you and tell you it was urgant.

*Council Chamber.*

Luke: It is time we addressed the buisness which has brought us together. We have all felt the great disturbance in the Force, the dark side is moving. Now Master Flax believes he has a way to counter the threat before it manifests. Taklin?

Flax: During the recent battle the Temple suffered some minor damage. As you know the foundations of the Temple were built on a great vergance in the Force and many of the lower levels were never interfered with. During the clean up following the battle we found something.

*Flax produces an ancient holocron. He steps foward and places it in the centre of the room, then returns to his seat.

The Holocron activates, displaying a dark skinned human with green eyes and thinning hair.*

Dorac: Greating, Jedi, I am Master Dorac, gatekeeper of this holocron.

Flax: Please, Master Dorac, explain to the Council about the Light Ray project.

Dorac: The Light Ray project is intended to allow the Jedi to gain a tactical advantage over the Sith Lord Darth Revan. 1,000 Jedi have agreed to be placed in suspened animation and will be reawakened once the world on which they are hidden has been conquered by the Sith.

Flax: Master, please give us a moment.

Dorac: Certainly. *The Hologram deactivates.*

Flax: This Holocron was last updated during what has come to be known as the Jedi Civil War, nearly four thousand years ago. After I stumbled upon this information I began searching the Galactic archives. I have found several references to the Light Ray Project at planning and inception phases and numerous corrupted entries that seem to refer to the same operation but no references to the activation phase.

As far as I can gather the Jedi were placed in suspened animation and never awakened.

*Flax pauses to allow this to sink in.*

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