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*The Anteares exited hyperspace over the bustling planet of Coruscant. It lumbered its way into a low orbit and several shuttles and fighter squadrons left the hanger bay.

At the head of the pack was a crimson XJ3-Wing, the latest model in the X-wing series. In the small cockpit sat the same Calamarian from the bridge.*

Scythe Leader: Scythe Leader to Coruscant ground control, requesting docking permission for several squadrons and transports from the battleship Anteares. Clearence code and identification are being sent now.

Comm Officer: Request accepted, please proceed to Naval docking bay 13A.

Scythe Leader: Understood.

*The powerful Coruscant shields opened for a brief moment and the ships moved in. The ships slowed down as they neared docking bay 13A and quietly sat down on the sterile durasteel. From the transports and fighters spilled many men, all looking to make the best of their short time on Coruscant.*

Admiral Syno: Don't you just love Coruscant, smell that Air!

Scythe Leader: It makes me gag. I hate the city.

*The Admiral chuckled and slapped the Calamarian on the back*

Admiral Syno: You'll grow to love it. Besides you better make the best of your time here. We only have about a week before we take control of the 3rd Fleet and head back to the outherim."

*A comlink bleeps and the Calamarian fumbles for it.*

Comlink: Please report to the Jedi Temple as soon as possible.

Scythe Leader: Looks like your going to have to go drink by yourself captain.

Admiral Syno: Ha! You think your so special don't you. Oh well, all the more for me!

*The two walked off in different directions.*
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