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Originally Posted by Eclipse CDN
Here's what I like:

Next complaint: The space battles aren't 3D! The 3D engine is just a shinny coat of pain on a 2D battle system.
They are technically "3D", but with the lack of a free-range camera, it does have a more overhead platform style of gameplay.

Originally Posted by Eclipse CDN
Gamers have shown that they love 3D battles in homeworld and if they are like me, they've been pineing for more (Sadly Relic is making WWII games. WTF???)
Relic made rather modest gains on Homeworld:Cataclysm and Homeworld 2 compared to the original game in the series, making the possibility of a Homeworld 3 rather unlikely in the near future.

Now for my opinion: I love the space battles, especially since they are styled ala Battlefront II. After playing BFII, I was wishing for a RTS version and immediately homed in on EAW. My only big complaint is that the unit balancing is WAAAY off. I think the rebellion units are far too powerful compared to their Imperial counterparts.
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