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Just an FYI to all: several of the current plotlines are intertwined behind the scenes.

Deac's heading to an abandoned Imperial research base.

The Elf Woman who's stalking Irvine (F. Irvine by proxy) is connected to the research base. (And of course the Blades are hunting her.)

Kioet is hunting down the remains of Moff Seerdon, who was involved in said research facility under Palpy's authority.

The subject of the research of the facility has something to do with Cracken, who might be very interested to learn of it - since Palpatine had it kept completely secret from him.

With all these connections, I think it would be funny if Agric (or Agric and Cracken together) just took over the galaxy while everyone else was distracted trying to run down or destroy the secret of this abandoned facility. Especially in a thread titled "The Guardians of Peace and Justice".

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