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A couple of things I'd like to address:

1. The beginning of a galactic campaign (through the mods) is almost always the same for me. Build a ton of storm troopers and capture as many planets as possible, asap. If you don't, the rebels will, and you are overwhelmed. Basically, the outcome of the entire scenerio seems balanced on the first 5-10 minutes, and how much area you can capture. To me, this seems boring and anti-epic. I'm not sure how it is in the real game, but I hope you don't have to start out with a mad territory dash across the galaxy.

2. I just don't like ground combat. I do my best to avoid it. I am a RTS veteran, and i'm not sure what I was expecting, and it does appear to be realistic, however it just seems to be slow and boring to me. I think the main reason is because theres no base building type of units to go around building bases with. Nor do you have an economy control.

3. Again, its hard to say from the demo, but economy is kinda bleh. So is the tech tree. None of them seem very indepth. Techtree has 5 levels with 2-4 new things each level, not very big.
Heres some thoughts:

-Some planets have 'rare' resources that give benefits, or need to create certain units.
-Able to build up the economy/production/defense of a planet without taking up the precious building slots. Perhaps a "increase defenses/industry/economy" upgrade.

-Tech Tree:
-I'd like to see the units evolve more. Start from ep 3, and advance units from there. Don't start off with X-Wings, start off with a prototype like thing, and you have to research X-Wings.
-Ability to research units, weapons, ships, buildings, etc would be nice.
-Make research stations lower time and/or cost to research technologies. As it is now, you only really need 1 research station. No benefit from more except for convenience. That is unrealistic.

Well, those are my thoughts. Keep in mind those are just based off the demo and mods, so I don't know what is different from the actual game.
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