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Coruscant: Orbit

*Irvine sits in his seat in the cockpit, slouched and holding his head up by his left hand.
He sat there in a daze until he got annoyed at the console beeping at him. He sat up and pressed the buttons and activated the Hyperdrive...*


Korriban: Valley of the Sith

*On a tall ledge leading into the main temple. A small hooded figure fades into exsistence hovering just above the ground. The figure slowly sets down on the ground, and throws off its cloak.

F. Irvine.

He takes a quick look at the surroundings. Dispite being in the body of a child, he speaks to himself in an adult voice.*

F. Irvine "So, this is the valley that Cracken keeps from the universe..."

*F Irvine takes a step outward to face the world. He then feels a shock race through his body, unlike what he felt before. A surge of the darkside of the force only he felt with Cracken. Not even himself held this amount.

He instantly feel to his knees.*

F. Irvine "The ground... Even it self is tainted by this place!"

*F. Irvine struggles to climb to his feet. Then he walks inside...*

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