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[Fic] The Lost Tales of Revan

This is my first fanfic so bear with me and I am grateful for comments. Chapter 2 will be posted when I finish writing it

Chapter 1:Beginnings

Up until four thousand years ago the Avalonian peoples lived in a relative isolation from the Republic save for a few of the most daring explorers. All that changed when the Jedi known as Revan entered their space and convinced its peoples to join the Republic. That was of course after aiding the planet in a war against something called the "True Sith" and a longtime enemy known as the Rashikians. Even though the system was a part of the Republic, few of its people ever ventured into the Core Worlds to live there. That all changed four millenia later.
It is said that Avalonians are much like the extinct clans of the Mandalorians; possessing a fierce agression and a seeming lust for battle. Though it is true, this people also followed a code of honor that seemed to follow along the lines of the Jedi Code. It was due to Revan that their demeanor changed and they adopted this code. Until recently, this was unknown to the Republic until the Lord Governor Atrius agreed to let his baby daughter be trained in the ways of the Jedi at the Temple on Coruscant. She was the first but not the last.
Ashira-Li Starlighter was the youngest of her people to attain the level of Jedi Knight. She exhibited a skill with a lightsaber blade that had not been seen since the days of Tulak Horde and had a unique command of the Force. Due to her abilities, the Council preferred that she remain on Coruscant to help instruct the younglings. Often she would go on missions with a Master and apprentice, an odd thing considering Jedi are often seen single or in pairs. As a Jedi, she was rather a rule breaker. She followed the Jedi way but never saw eye to eye with the masters preferring to see the shades of grey. It was because of this that she was sent on diplomatic missions and it was one such mission where she learned a secret that opened a nest of hungry mynocks.
It was after a training tutorial with another master that she was summoned to the Council chambers. Most of the pupils didn't give it a second thought since she was always summoned there for one reason or another. At the Council chambers she was given a mission to return to Bandomeer to settle a conflict that had arisen between the two dominate mining corporations. She was to accompany Master Qui-gon and his padawan as a representative of her homeworld with a secured goods case as a peace offering.
On board the ship the Lightning Rod, they were attacked by a band of pirates. An old friend was onboard to help by the name Kaedra Beyros, considered a Jedi of some sort. Kaedra had followed them because he sensed a trap and the trap had been strung. Unconcious, Ashira-Li and Obi-wan were taken prisoner along with two cases.
When Ashira-Li and Obi-Wan awoke on board the pirate ship, they were being scrutinized by Count Torrence, an exiled Avalonian. He was pleased and said, "I never thought I would see the day when I would meet my enemy again."
"What are you talking about?" she spewed forth.
"What," then a menacing laugh," you mean you don't know? Well I'll indulge you about a secret of your family. Let me tell you about a Jedi called Revan."

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