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Chapter Two

Seated in the center lounge, Varick Keltron tried to get comfortable on the mat. Meditation was difficult when his brother was there. Always in mind, it was especially distracting when it was his job that was forefront, not the other way around, like on Calchavor IV when they'd put down an uprising, or Thalis VII or...The galaxy was teeming with conflicts, hopefully, they could avoid this one, without resorting to Voshon's prefered method.

He worried about his younger brother, such restlessness and battle hunger could prove foreboding and ill. There had never been a question that Vosh would walk the path of a Jedi. His quick reflexes and natural born instincts made him a deadly foe indeed. Of course, the same could be said of the reflective Varick, whom faced the smae trials, yet curbed it so much easier.

But for all that voshon was, he also had the most compassionate heart. he'd given the robe off his back countless times to strangers, handed out credits to the needy, and , even, watched over some kids whose parents just needed a lilttle quite time. Those were traits he was glad to share, to one degree or the other, with the younger Keltron.

"You seem a bit restless, Padawan," Moshat spoke from his mat, violet eyes still shut in peacefull oblivion. "Thinking of your brother?"

Varick squirmed a bit. his Master knew him well indeed, having even shared some memnii once. No, he squirmed because of lack of disipline, his lil brother had that effect on him.

"It's hard not to worry," he admitted.

(more to come)
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