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Chapter Two cont.

"He can be so headstrong and cares little for any negotiation that doesn't happen at the snap of an appendage!"

"Were you so different?" His Camasii eyes sparkled with amusement. "Your quick with your tounge, he with the blade. Whic does the most damage?"

Once again, his Master had blindsided him with a lesson, always when he was analyzing another. Always something about himself that was wrong, deficent. It was...frustrating. Always introspect.

"Do not center on you anxieties, young one, and do not center your focus on the faults of another."

"Yes, Master." His blue eyes turned downward. "it's hard...especially when it's your brother."

"Another reason why we stress an absence of family ties, though, in your family's case, there are exceptions."

The tone was one echoed among many in the Order, especially the most influential and prominent. family ties, attachements of any kind were forbbiden, yet there were exceptions, there were always exceptions, be it culture or outright defiance. Theirs was a mixture of both, a tradition all to its own and a source of great pride. few could boast of a tradition as rich and prominent as theirs. The Halcryons and Carvers to be sure, as well as Ki-Adi-mundi's family line, but few rivaled their strength, determination and courage...nor their pure hearts. Many families had their black sheep, ones that drifted from the light; theirs, however, was suprisingly absent of fallen family, at least, compared to most, but the few that had been...

Bloodlines, the belief that evil is hereditary. as if having a dark relative would taint a line.

Thoughts like these often filled his mind, when he was looked down upon for keeping contact with his Force Sensative parents and knowing his heritage, butno more than when he crossed paths with his brother. So headstrong, so powerful...truth be told, it scared him. Voshon's passionate nature, his desire for good, that quick temper, the battlefever, he could sense racing through him, shining like the Suns; if left unchecked...Well, he hoped it would never come to it.

"You should talk to him more about how you feel." yes, he should. They hadn't had much dialouge since their paths crossed at Perevue VI. They had be truly young then, barely five years out of the temple, if that, though their paths had crossed a few other tiems since then, the only truly notable time between them had been Thalis; that wasn't a time fondly remembered. The darkness and trials associated with that set of missions still bothered him. It was there he'd also seen his brother's darker side, though not truly dark just vengeful...his brother's heart contained many strong convictions.

"You feel it necssary for two Padawans to protect the mines?"

"I feel it necessary for two PEERS to work out their differences. Before this missions over, I have a feling you two will be spending lots of time together."

Varick pondered this, somber words that hi his soul, like a dark warning, making his heart pulse that much quicker and his desire to get to the mines, that much stronger.
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