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(By the way, thanks Sebastian Vlay for your compliments )

He felt cold, terribly cold. In fact he was shaking, he only prayed that his superior officer wouldnt notice his fear.

Ventris was sitting in his private chamber of his imperial shuttle. Looking at what would soon be the image of his commanding superior, what would be the image of a disapointed commanding superior. Slowly he pushed the side button on the holographic projector, creating a direct connection to Coruscant, capital of the Galatic Empire.

Ventris knew what he had done was not imperial at all, he left all his men, all his friends, to die on board the half dead star destroyer in orbit above Kamino. He left scared, for the first time, scared of the enemy. Never had any traitors been so organized, so precise in their efforts. His last minute bombardment decesion was his last mistake. The energy drained from the turbo laser shots had all but deminished what reserve energy was left in the reactor. He could only pray that any of his men escaped aboard the emergency escape pods.

Then, slowly, appeared the image of a pale yet terrifying superior officer, Grand Moff Tarkin. Leader of the war against the rebellious traitors, he would not accept failure, and Ventris knew that.

"What seems to be the problem?" Tarkin asked, "I was busy."

"Sir, the battle over Kamino..." Ventris stopped mid-speech. In the corner of his eye, he saw the image of his parents displayed on a holograph picture. They never survived to see his acceptance into the academy. They both died that fateful day when Order 66 was issued. Killed, no slain by the traitorous Jedi Master on Mygetto. At least, that is what the reports said. Ventris didn't know otherwise.

"What about it?" Tarkin questioned, this time with a deadly mix of concern and anger.

"I have lost, sir. The Rebels have allied themselves with a rogue group of CI..."

"The CIS, do not concern me Commander Ventris. They are all but destroyed. Your mission was to destroy the rebels. Apparently my trust was not well placed in you." Tarkin spoke angerly.

"Give me one more chance." For my parents. Ventris thought.

"Go to the coordinates I provide you," Tarkin spoke coldly, "there will will rendevou with two Imperial warships. Take them to Kamino and show the dissidents imperial justice," Tarkin said chillingly, "and Ventris do not fail the Empire again. I am the least of your worries."

Slowly the hologram faded out. This time, Ventis thought, I will not fail.

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