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Qui-gon was Dooku's padawan, and Dooku was Yoda's padawan. So the thread was Yoda>Dooku>Qui-Gon>Obi-Wan>Anakin.

And I'm guessing that spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours on CGI for a 30 second throwaway transitional scene that 98% of the people that see the movie will never, ever give a second thought to, just to satisfy the fan-boys who spend all their time on electronic bulletin boards picking apart your movie frame-by-frame wasn't really high on Lucas list of priorities.

He needed to eliminate 3 Jedi, fast. That's the scene he got. He could have spent a lot more time and money to get to the exact same point, perhaps with a little more flair, and more satisfying to the hardcore purists.... but sometimes the simplest solution is the one to go with.

Especially when your main actor (Ian MacDairmid) hadn't had any sword training before the day he showed up to film the scene. That scene would have taken weeks to film, then the CG would have taken months to perfect.
Building Hi-res 3D CGI models of 3 jedi; digital face-replacement for Palpatine's stunt-double; extensive match-move captures; designing unique fighting styles for all 3 jedi; performance motion-tracking for each character.

As it is, they probably got through principal shooting of those shots in an afternoon.

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