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Things I'd like to see from EAW2

Good Evening all.

I just want to go on the record first and say that I really like the demo and I'm enjoying the gameplay. However there are some issues I have and of course everyone will and should offer feedback in a positive and constructive manner. I will add on as time goes by to my list.

1. I would love to see a grouping/formation control that not only links units my number but by formation as well. Some simple command feature that issues formation orders and movements like line abreast or echelon right, wedge...etc I'm no programmer but this should not be to difficult. It gets a little frustrating to constantly manually adjust your force formations in order to maximize group coverage and effectiveness. I hate watching my AT-AT's wonder all over the map like a bunch of Dum A@#!s.

2. Increase the difficulty by tweaking the AI, not by giving the AI damage bonuses. I prefer units to remain as effective as their stats make them regardless of the difficulty level. Right about now in the demo the medium difficulty appears to offer the right amount of balance and feel. If I turn it up to hard I can still play and win no problem but, I lose a lot of finesse especially on the small ground map. For example the small Reb tanks are always useless when I play the Rebs, however when you play the Empire at hard they take way to long to kill, even with an AT-AT.

3. Tone down the corvettes a bit no ships should ever be that effective at killing fighters that's what other fighters are for. This is a pain at most levels, especially at hard, 3 or 4 corvettes will pretty much gut a fleets airwing in one pass. No good. Plus if a large capital focuses all it's batteries on one they should be gone in about 2 mins tops. I wouldn't even mind seeing hardpoints on them as well.

More to come.

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