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Ah... the perfect opportunity to get this off my chest!

If it weren't for the mods like Bryant's and Chriz', I would have passed this game up. The "stock" demo was pathetically short and did not truly show what the game was about. What I needed was a short campaign mode that let me play a good length game with a wide variety of units available. With the above mentioned mods, all of my concerns regarding what EAW was about were satisfied, and with the active modding community eagerly awaiting the full release, the prospects of a long playing life seem high.

I have been finding myself attracted to games that are "moddable". Games like TESIII: Morrowind, Operation Flashpoint, and the Unreal series have all been personal favorites since the extensibility of those titles is limited only by the imagination and interest of the community at large. These are all games that I have played from release and continue to play today. With the PC games industry following Hollywood's "rehash of old trash" policy, it's good to see that some developers still value creativity and the end user community.

What truly makes good games great is the ability for the community to "improve" (or not) the game at large. Also, the response of Petroglyph in regards to these mods also pushed me over the "fence" to move toward pre-ordering the title. I REALLY like to see developers support the modding community rather than condemn them.

One last thing: If Petroglyph releases an expansion pack, please make it an "EXPANSION" that adds to the original game and not a separate game. I hate it when developers do that!
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