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((Scar: The council is in a private session. So there wouldn't be a Random Knight there.

BD: You realize you did godmode a little by taking control of J5.))

Coruscant: Jedi Temple

Godwyn: Underestimate them? No, I just warn this council to take prudent caution, there are many unknowns that could prove to very dangerous to the galaxy.

Master Kam says they are invaluable because of all the knowledge they have of the force that we have lost. What impression will they have of this council? Perhaps in their eyes we are just Knights and not Masters...

We must make proper preparations and have emergency plans to fall back on. Still we must seek these Jedi out, even if only one is still alive we are duty bound to rescue that knight.

Does anyone disagree?

Gladsheim Station

Valkyrie: I'm transmitting coordinates, you may speak with the Lord Vidar and Lady Svafa.

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