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((What is J5? Did I miss something?

Scar: Not only was that random, but it didn't make any sense. Why would the Masters be worrying about What Other People Think, as well as state the extreme obvious that these Jedi were of an order built under different standards without offering any insight on the subject? It doesn't seem appropriate for high-ranked Jedi to talk to hear themselves talk ))

Council Chambers

Amarante Kaya: Remember, Masters, that the Jedi Order that came before the Galactic Civil War had all the knowledge of the millennia at their disposal, yet terrible was their fall. I agree that our duty is clear, yet I share the concerns of Masters Godwyn and Alyssa. We are few, terribly few, and these old Jedi are many. What are we to them? What shall we do if these Jedi wish to resume the war they were put in hibernation to wait for, and take it upon themselves to destroy the peace we have worked and sacrificed so much to create?


Blade Ship Inquiry

Rwos: Very well. But I would like to speak to Lord Odin as well as soon as he is willing.

*Rwos receives the coordinates and translates them to the Inquiry's nav-computer. The Inquiry and the Silver slide simultaneously into warp*



Aren: *comm* Better, just to be safe. Hook up a connection to the datapad, if you would? Let's see what's on there.

((Would post more but need to be awake in a few hours. x_X))

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