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WJ, you notice that the Council discussion has so far just been mostly statements to each other. Alyssa's questions have been kind of rhetorical, and would require "yes" answers... and I didn't feel it would be in character for Kaya, at least, to give a response that wouldn't add any insight.

As for your being ignored, I'd guessed you weren't interested in alot of the plots going on in the RPG, since you didn't actively ask to join them... XD;;

Now that I know otherwise, is there anything I can do to involve you? (I can think of a million things, but I want to know what you have in mind specifically first, and if you want me to do anything at all )

It would actually make me very happy if you want me to involve you in any of the plots I've spawned or help spawn - the Sleepers plot, (a different part of) the Shadows and/or assassins plot, or the Blades plot... or anything I forgot. XD I'm sure you all know how much I love complicating things...

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