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A Clone came up to viper
"Sir, we have interecepted a transmission"
"Follow me sir"
The clone lead Viper back to the large command centre. As Viper entered many clones took their helmets off in respect. Viper was secretly pleased by this.
"Here sir"
Viper looked
"Go to the coordinates I provide you, "there will will rendevou with two Imperial warships. Take them to Kamino and show the dissidents imperial justice"
Viper stood up so fast he had a head rush
"Get more men into space if you can and more men onto the platforms"
"Sir we are stretched as it is"
"I know, I know. but this is an odd move for the imperials and I don't like it"
Viper turned
"Get as many men to the platforms as you can spear"
Viper started to walk back to the battle field to wait....


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