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Corran: Thats the thing that worries me most. These Jedi may not see us as Jedi at all.

Luke: That is possible, but as Master Godwyn says we must rescue them, if we can. Master Flax has drawn up a plan for effecting the rescue.

Flax: Thankyou Master Skywalker.

*The holoprojector in the ceiling activates, showing the galactic map. Flax hits a button and four systems are highlighted and magnified.*

Flax: We have been able to narrow down the installation to one of these four systems, that still leaves twenty planatary bodies which need to be searched. We have a problem, as you can see, three of these systems are in Imperial space.

I propose we send a single light Crusier and search the systems one by one, with the farthest first. That way as the search progresses our team will be closer, rather than further away, from friendly space. We'll use light scout ships for searching the systems and operations teams to go down to the surface and secure the installation. Once the Instalation has been secured the Crusier will be called in and will begin recovery.

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